An International Art Movement

Association of Mouth and Foot Painting Artists

of the World

Sarah Biffen was the first international recorded Mouth Painter

SARAH BIFFEN 1784 - 1850

During her adult life, she managed to make a living in a traveling sideshow by demonstrating her ability to paint with a brush held between her teeth. Yet, her talent was such that she had a painting accepted at the Royal Academy.
A century after her death another mouth painter, Erich Stegmann, was traveling the world to seek out fellow ‘handless’ artists in order to join him in his dream of establishing an organization that would give them independence by marketing their work for them. He gathered a small band of disabled artists from eight European countries. Their ultimate goal was to make their living through their artistic efforts, and to obtain a sense of work security that, until then, had eluded them. 


From the small group he gathered for the inaugural meeting of the Association of Mouth and Foot Painting Artists held in Liechtenstein, the number of members has exceeded 800, based in over 78 countries. Their work has attracted the attention and support of former Vice President Al Gore, Queen Elizabeth, Prince William, Prince Harry, actor Pierce Brosnan, singer Tony Bennett and Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield.
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