. Gallery – MFPA Canada



Here is a small selection of original artworks created by some of our Canadian artists

Please note, these paintings are not for sale.

Moonlight Serenade by Debra Kessler

Winter Wolves by Debra Kessler 

Cabin in the Woods by Rick Laird 

Roses by Rick Laird 

Monarch and Cattails by Shane Lynch

Moonlight Cabins by Shane Lynch

Spring Bunny by Shane Lynch

Winter Church by Shane Lynch

Winter Friends by Shane Lynch 

A Pair of Killer Whales by Susie Matthias

Monarch Butterflies by Susie Matthias

Polar Bears by Susie Matthias

Portrait of a Bengal Tiger by Susie Matthias 

Row Boats for Hire by Susie Matthias

Just Another Mountain by Penny Oman

Lake Maligne by Penny Oman

Sing for our Supper by Penny Oman

Summer Growth by Penny Oman

Cat and Mouse Chase by Amanda Orichefsky

Christmas Living Room by Amanda Orichefsky

Mickey Mouse by Amanda Orichefsky

Ann and Grandson by Cody Tresierra

Deep Cove by Cody Tresierra

Tranquil Mill by Cody Tresierra

Victoria House Boats by Cody Tresierra

Peg's Retreat by Barbara Winfield

Poppies by Barbara Winfield

The Mail Route by Barbara Winfield

The Shack by Barbara Winfield

Flying Birds by Stéphane Daraiche

Solitude by Stéphane Daraiche

Good Friends by David Fleet

Summer Path by David Fleet

Winter Day by David Fleet

Country House by Daniel Laflamme

Old Quebec City by Daniel Laflamme

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